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How to Waste your time?

Look around you. There is almost always something to do, whether it be – cleaning your
room/house or walking the dog, both of which will waste time because the room/house will just get dirty again and the next time the dog eats, it will want to go on another walk, so this can be something you can do to repeatedly waste time, every day.
Are you hungry? You can always waste some time by preparing a meal.
Going out to eat is a time-saver, so if you make your own food, you’re wasting all kinds of time, but saving money. If money is tight, you will want to waste as much time as possible by preparing your own meals at home, right? And if you want to eat something and do not have the stuff to make it, walk to the store to get it – a sure-fire way of wasting a lot of time is walking somewhere.
At work? Stare…. at anything… People will see you staring at something and think that you are pondering something intense… they will see that
as working, instead of wasting time… alternate staring and typing or shuffling papers to convince anyone around you that you are not wasting time. Sharpen your pencils slowly – this is a nice time waster. Have a few hours to waste?
Scanning for errors and backing up your files is also good for wasting time. Try watching a lame movie. The hours will simply fly by as you sleep through the film. Or take really long showers…everyone needs to be clean and no one will complain. Watch TV of course! You can always watch TV to waste time.
Talentless? You can always take the time to learn amazing tricks to impress your friends and potential mates. Card tricks and coin tricks can be a very useful skill. The dexterity will come tothose that have none.


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