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Rename the Windows XP start menu button

This post will show you how to rename the Windows XP start menu button
Are you bored of having the name “start”? If so now you can rename your start menu button to give the name of your choice.


1. Launch My Computer, click tools, folder options, then view

2. Select show all hidden files and folders option and uncheck the option hide protected operating system files, unckeck hide extention for known file types

3. Goto C:\windows\system32\restore, select the file filelist.xml, right click it go to properties and uncheck the option read-only

4. Open it (filelist.xml) with notepad

5. Add the line %systemroot%\explorer.exe as shown below

6. Save the file

7. Goto C:\windows\system32\dllcache, you will find a backup copy of explorer.exe. Rename it to explorer.bak.


1. Using any resource editor, open the file explorer.exe located at C:\windows.

2. Expand string, expand 37, click on 1033

3. On right side rename “start” to anything you want. For ex. “yourname” and press “compile script”

4. Repeat the same procedure for string 38, 1033

5. Save changes in file menu (if error occurs close explorer.exe and repeat sub-step 3 and 4)

6. Restart your computer. After restart you can see the changes. Enjoy!

You can also edit the tool tip ‘Click her to begin’ by Expand string 37,click 1033,edit 533 String .(eg:Click myname to begin :P).
Note:before you click compile the script make sure to kill explorer.exe process.using TaskManager(Ctrl+Alt+Del).


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