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Monthly Archives: December 2012

What the hack

Being a hacker/a security enthusiasts is completely different from your normal college work you claim to do. I have seen college people doing their project work in Java, and the same people who claim that they are the engineer experts, and yet fail at describing what actually an IDE has to do with a custom strip software with a CLI. Enter, hackers, they are programmers, as well as the security exploiters, and at the same time it’s fixers. They never need to get approved, people who need to get approved with a certification are those people who know they don’t have the skill and has to get forcebly trained with campus spoon feeding, which sucks, because the professors are themselves dumb. I have seen many lecturers use SSL as = Secured Shell Layer?.. technically, it’s globally Secured Socket Layer not “shell”, so you see, you don’t have the concept and you expect certifications, and yet, people know, who is what. and again, don’t confuse hackers with your average dumb college going people, hacking is more than that, it’s survival trait.