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Monthly Archives: March 2013


It’s (the boat) unable to cross upward waves,
why is your your boat moving sideways
adding little breaths like straws,
why is your your boat moving sideways

Enemy stream is going in the opposite direction
Do something o traveller
be courageous, be confirmed that this thing is important as your life
Keep singing Haiya ho (as in, be bold, fearless) as this thing is related to your life and pride

Go wave with victory, hoist the red flag
Now do or die, and be prepared
Become the bird of sunshine and fly,
stealing the black shadows
It’ll shake you to the core,
it’s a huge camping of storms

(but) if your fear goes into submission against whirlpool,
what is your power
There is light in your heart
Break all the Sieges
Tie the necks of waves tight
such that the river says wow O traveller,
your boat is on my head and on my eyes