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HOW TO PASS Bharathiar University EXAMS

Hi friends,Howz u all?

So today i am telling you the tricks of passing BU(Bharathiar University) EXAMS…I know this article is not related to Hacking…..but somehow passing BU exam is also a hacking…;)

First of all,if u are a newbie(1st sem) in BU, then these tips really works for you. and dese  tips are only for average students, i mean to score only 30 to 35 marks out of 75… IF U WANNA SCORE GOOD MARKS,THEN THESE TIPS MIGHT NOT WORKS….YOU HAVE TO WORK SMART(not hard) FOR SCORING GOOD MARKS……

Now,lets come to the point…
RULE #1:-  Don’t be a hero: avoid over confidence, and shortcut methods (exactly, avoid paper bits: it make you FUD-Fear,Uncertitnty-Doubt).
RULE #2:-  Fill atleast 30 sheets out of 32.
RULE #3:-  Make sure your first 3-4 and last 3-4 lines of each answer are correct AND In the center,u write anything dat u want.
TIP-1:if you can’t create your own answers in examination, then exam is not for you.
TIP-2:In B-U Exams, if you don’t know about the Tree, just tie the Goat with the Tree and explain about the Goat. 😉#proved-and-checked.
TIP-3:keep constent space between lines.
RULE #4:-  Underline headings of d question using pencil.
RULE #5:-  Use pencil or sketch to underline main points of d answer.(dont use RED/GREEN sketch)
RULE #6:-  Make a box around every important equation with pencil.
RULE #7:-  First attempt that questions you have knowledge about.
RULE #8:-  Draw Diagrams wherever possible.
RULE #9:-  VIVA:During viva if you can’t convience them, confuse them.#use-your-brain
RULE #10:- Be A Hero:If u follow dese  RULES, then am quite sure that you will get atleast 30 marks.
Last one is LUCK(its very important)…….IT REALLY MATTERS IN BU…..SO,PRAY TO GOD DAILY…

5 Units, 1 Book, Some Notes, and One Night Study = Passing Marks in Exam. 😀 😉
#issued in student’s interest by Sarath Kumar.
#ask questions,get answers.
#Read and share.
#best of luck.


Methods of Hacking ATM

Warning:- Hacking ATM is highly illegal. Can Put you into cell for minimum 3 years along with fine 7 lac.This article is just for education purpose only do respect the law in your country, the author of article do not held any responsibility of the act or trails performed by you after reading the article.

Methods of Hacking ATM

1. Magnetic Reader

Most ATM hackers have a device called Magnetic Reader which they attach over the card slot on the ATM, and as any one pin the card inside automatically it reads the magnetic information. And with the advancement of time the with the help of wireless technology, the magnetic reader automatically transmitted the details to fraudsters in a nearby location.

2. Hidden Camera

Obviously this is one of the easy method to hack an ATM machine but this is something more than hack, here we are not penetrating the ATM. As we all know our ATM is protected by a PIN which acts as our password so if some one have to get money after stealing our card he/she should have the PIN code too,  these days criminals have a solution for this too.


They enter into the ATM when guard is outside put hand on the ATM cam and silently in 5 or 6 seconds,  just  install a hidden camera near by the keypad of the ATM from the user enter his/her PIN CODE, and again using the latest technology (wireless) and the PIN is digitally recorded and now hacker have the choice whether he want to get the details remotly or he/she will go to ATM and get the details by himself/herself.

Web scraping using python

today i’m telling about some basics of Web scraping using python. i use python 2.7. after a googling and exploring python docs i got some interesting results about this.
(Web scraping is a computer software technique of extracting information from websites.)

a simple way to scrap information from web, using built in python library urllib(urlib2).

import urllib2
response = urllib2.urlopen('''')
html =
print html

urllib2 is a Python module for fetching URLs (Uniform Resource Locators). It offers a very simple interface, in the form of the urlopen function. This is capable of fetching URLs using a variety of different protocols. It also offers a slightly more complex interface for handling common situations – like basic authentication, cookies, proxies and so on. These are provided by objects called handlers and openers

Now the real parts start,scrap the data using urls.For that I used BeautiFulSoup.Parsing data is very easy using it.

Before trying it,you have to install it, download the tarball.
Windows: install
Ubuntu:sudo apt-get install python-beautifulsoup

Parsing is as simple as below:

import urllib2
from BeautifulSoup import BeautifulSoup
url = ""
html = urllib2.urlopen(url).read()
data = BeautifulSoup(html)
print data

It will print whole parsed data of the url.And then you can navigate and collect yours need html tag values from the
soup 🙂 .

Rename the Windows XP start menu button

This post will show you how to rename the Windows XP start menu button
Are you bored of having the name “start”? If so now you can rename your start menu button to give the name of your choice.


1. Launch My Computer, click tools, folder options, then view

2. Select show all hidden files and folders option and uncheck the option hide protected operating system files, unckeck hide extention for known file types

3. Goto C:\windows\system32\restore, select the file filelist.xml, right click it go to properties and uncheck the option read-only

4. Open it (filelist.xml) with notepad

5. Add the line %systemroot%\explorer.exe as shown below

6. Save the file

7. Goto C:\windows\system32\dllcache, you will find a backup copy of explorer.exe. Rename it to explorer.bak.


1. Using any resource editor, open the file explorer.exe located at C:\windows.

2. Expand string, expand 37, click on 1033

3. On right side rename “start” to anything you want. For ex. “yourname” and press “compile script”

4. Repeat the same procedure for string 38, 1033

5. Save changes in file menu (if error occurs close explorer.exe and repeat sub-step 3 and 4)

6. Restart your computer. After restart you can see the changes. Enjoy!

You can also edit the tool tip ‘Click her to begin’ by Expand string 37,click 1033,edit 533 String .(eg:Click myname to begin :P).
Note:before you click compile the script make sure to kill explorer.exe process.using TaskManager(Ctrl+Alt+Del).

Shutdown computer fastly

i have a doubt why ppl use shutup for humanns beings and shutdown for computers, the purpose of both are same!!. the diffrence i found, humans respond very quickly, im kidding.
your system take long time while windows shutting down?.
i have a solution for reduce shutdown time. this is a simple windows command. and you can perform this command directly on command prompt or creating a seperate batch(.bat) file .

1.Direct use
type the following command on command prompt or run command(WindowsKey+R)
shutdown.exe -s -f -t 00
2.Batch file
open note pad and type(or paste) the above command . save the file with extension .bat( eg:shutup.bat). and place the batch file on desktop. if you want to execute , just double click the batch file.