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HOW TO PASS Bharathiar University EXAMS

Hi friends,Howz u all?

So today i am telling you the tricks of passing BU(Bharathiar University) EXAMS…I know this article is not related to Hacking…..but somehow passing BU exam is also a hacking…;)

First of all,if u are a newbie(1st sem) in BU, then these tips really works for you. and dese  tips are only for average students, i mean to score only 30 to 35 marks out of 75… IF U WANNA SCORE GOOD MARKS,THEN THESE TIPS MIGHT NOT WORKS….YOU HAVE TO WORK SMART(not hard) FOR SCORING GOOD MARKS……

Now,lets come to the point…
RULE #1:-  Don’t be a hero: avoid over confidence, and shortcut methods (exactly, avoid paper bits: it make you FUD-Fear,Uncertitnty-Doubt).
RULE #2:-  Fill atleast 30 sheets out of 32.
RULE #3:-  Make sure your first 3-4 and last 3-4 lines of each answer are correct AND In the center,u write anything dat u want.
TIP-1:if you can’t create your own answers in examination, then exam is not for you.
TIP-2:In B-U Exams, if you don’t know about the Tree, just tie the Goat with the Tree and explain about the Goat. 😉#proved-and-checked.
TIP-3:keep constent space between lines.
RULE #4:-  Underline headings of d question using pencil.
RULE #5:-  Use pencil or sketch to underline main points of d answer.(dont use RED/GREEN sketch)
RULE #6:-  Make a box around every important equation with pencil.
RULE #7:-  First attempt that questions you have knowledge about.
RULE #8:-  Draw Diagrams wherever possible.
RULE #9:-  VIVA:During viva if you can’t convience them, confuse them.#use-your-brain
RULE #10:- Be A Hero:If u follow dese  RULES, then am quite sure that you will get atleast 30 marks.
Last one is LUCK(its very important)…….IT REALLY MATTERS IN BU…..SO,PRAY TO GOD DAILY…

5 Units, 1 Book, Some Notes, and One Night Study = Passing Marks in Exam. 😀 😉
#issued in student’s interest by Sarath Kumar.
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#Read and share.
#best of luck.