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sun rises, sun sets,
spring, summer, autumn, winter
alone on my path.
change of the seasons
happiness turns to sadness
love lost in the winds.


My 7909th day

Shanfer U did..but i never enjoyed that moment … i’m nervous and sleepy .i think that was a gr8 plan of you,and you played well.that was an unexpected action from your side, and i’m not well adjusted that kind of situations,lack of experience! maybe.i know you did that for me ,but that make myself as a #%%#.
i think your right and i appreciate your help…thank you shanfer ,and the ‘smile’ what that means? and could you notify anything else ?!!

May the next days reveal more,i hope.thats all, Good night.

U Smile :)

The best thing on my collage is the smiles,the beautiful SMILES 🙂 … they found everywhere in the campus.on the class,sidewalks,on canteen…everywhere. I needed to see a friendly face with a big smile.and today i got some special smiles..its very special for me.

I can’t tell you everything. I mean, there’s so much to tell.