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Empty pockets teach us in million ways

How can I take food from luxury hotels or restaurants when millions of people don’t have anything to eat even for single time a day ?
How can I spend money for movies & parties when millions of people are working hard to feed their children at least for one time ?
How can I cry for an iphone when a mobile is still only a dream for many ?
How can I go for a picnic when millions are trying hard to survive ?

Of course we youth are concerned only about our lives.. We are not seeing others sufferings… We are not hearing others cries… But we must know, money will spoil us in million ways.. and empty pockets teach us in million ways..

Waiting for food....

# We can’t say we are happy when billions of people don’t know what happiness is. So act before its too late.. Live simply, love sincerely… Help others without expecting anything in return… Atlast before you die, you can say “I have lived my life and I loved it…