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Monthly Archives: April 2012

8000th day of my life

Today is the 8000th day of my life,what about the next 1000 days?,no idea,little confused. I’m home,relaxed.cause my headache final semester exams ends(21April), mission 6th semester accomplished, mixed feelings . exams are always awful,its like writing about the sweetness of chocolate without taste it .anyway my college life is end here, missing lots of things Friends,Bus,Classroom,Green board ,shwashank garden , smiles… don’t hang much more  keep in memory even good or bad.   and this part of my life is called ‘college’.good bye ‘AJKCOWS’ and ‘LABRATS’ till we meet again next time.dear friends do something with your creativity and passion its yours time go well.

You will be an inspiration for generation to come

Steve Jobs

Now i am thinking about one of my favorite person,Steve jobs .the roll model for millions of people,he was not only a great designer,but he had an attitude to life that is worth reading about.One of my favorite quotes from Steve Jobs is “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life,and the only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking.Don’t settle for anything less.

Getting job and making money is important for living. and you cannot always measure the fun you have in life in money.and believe me,being cool is doing the best in whatever career you choose,be a programmer,painter or your dreams and wishing you very best..

#BCA-B guys we are not bad guys…
#I am a drinker with writing problems.-Brendan Behan(the msg after post this post)
#Now it’s it



When i writing this i have a big smile on my face,…..
this is about how i feel and finish today…and i realized, sometimes great fuel  came from the extreme unpleasant and awfulness ,that fuel really rise up like a racing engine!wow .i feel it.

Today i just learned“Never try to beat anybody, only try and beat ourself by silent. “Don’t ever listen to what people say to shoot down your mind. There would be a million times where people tell you that you can’t live your dreams – Never Say Never!

##After i published this post i got a message in my dashboard!

“The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them. Jeff Jarv”

Empty pockets teach us in million ways

How can I take food from luxury hotels or restaurants when millions of people don’t have anything to eat even for single time a day ?
How can I spend money for movies & parties when millions of people are working hard to feed their children at least for one time ?
How can I cry for an iphone when a mobile is still only a dream for many ?
How can I go for a picnic when millions are trying hard to survive ?

Of course we youth are concerned only about our lives.. We are not seeing others sufferings… We are not hearing others cries… But we must know, money will spoil us in million ways.. and empty pockets teach us in million ways..

Waiting for food....

# We can’t say we are happy when billions of people don’t know what happiness is. So act before its too late.. Live simply, love sincerely… Help others without expecting anything in return… Atlast before you die, you can say “I have lived my life and I loved it…