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Walk a mile in my shoes

Walk a mile in my shoes, see what I see, hear what I hear, feel what I feel, Then may be you will understand why I do what I do, till then don’t judge me.


The final days counts

This is the last week of my college life, on march 8 everything close.the class going now pretty awful does not anybody listen the lecture including and especially me and my buddies . and lecturer were busy (or lazy) to complete the syllabus ,a mechanical process .what you think about education system in India . i really fed up with this education system….sometimes I think its better to sit at home rather than doing this fucking bca .more theorotical less practical !! .but there is no need of this theoretical…the companies don’t need all this shit that we studied during our whole BCA.

its much more to study..Gosh!!On  march 9 will start our model exam.yet i don’t have the books,notes (s**t photocopies).Yeah, that reminds me need more money to buy those things.and also need more time to learn those things that i never interested to listen on my class. i’m seriously,i did not make any sense of attention in my lectures in this sem , i’m just painted some snappy drawings(i made those times really creative) that could not help me writing a boring s**t exam .i wish you all exam jokeis lets start the party…

now i  think back our class hours ,its really boring,nothing new ,everyday the same things happen again and again.that’s  make us tends to escape from there.and that green board never gave us  green signal to make us inside happy.

And this is our last moments in this fk i’m asking myself what you get from there.the answer is ‘Half dozen best friends’ and the good,bad,stupid ‘ideas’ we discussed ,thats all we have. and it  make us laugh ,it make us cry(lie) and it make us to love life(or hate life).

Back three years ago(2009) i came this college to interested study BCA, yes i had a true force of curiosity to learn how this stuffs are works .

But i realize soon this is not a place that i really want.this is the place where the management control and maintain their stupid policies ,this is the place where all bitches (they believe them self beauty queens ) play  a cat walk  (never mind),this is the place of jerk boys show their smartness (kids stuff),this is the place the faculty brag the students,and this is the place the management cheat, and lie to us and try to make us believe it’s for our own good, yet we’re the dogs. ,what a shame!!! is anything ‘raise here’? then raise the anger!

In summary  waste of  ‘Time,Money and Energy’. and this is the wonderful moment of releasing  … ‘The Redemption ‘ … Fly free birds!!

My 7909th day

Shanfer U did..but i never enjoyed that moment … i’m nervous and sleepy .i think that was a gr8 plan of you,and you played well.that was an unexpected action from your side, and i’m not well adjusted that kind of situations,lack of experience! maybe.i know you did that for me ,but that make myself as a #%%#.
i think your right and i appreciate your help…thank you shanfer ,and the ‘smile’ what that means? and could you notify anything else ?!!

May the next days reveal more,i hope.thats all, Good night.

Good day gonna bad day

A Good day,but i miss my best opportunity .Day started interesting and energetic mood,but the climax everything fall down.It’s not because of the amount of courage there something else.sorry my best friend.i hope we do best next time.

U Smile :)

The best thing on my collage is the smiles,the beautiful SMILES 🙂 … they found everywhere in the campus.on the class,sidewalks,on canteen…everywhere. I needed to see a friendly face with a big smile.and today i got some special smiles..its very special for me.

I can’t tell you everything. I mean, there’s so much to tell.