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We Are Hackers

Actually people call us Nerd,Dork,Geek,Unsocial,Unfriendly,Vodai,B0kc,0d & many more, BCOZ, When you were flirting with girls, actually we were busy in Hacking.
When you were playing football, actually we were busy in Hacking.
When you were hanging out with friends,actually we were busy in Hacking.
When you were enjoying a party, actually we were busy in Hacking.
When you were traveling, actually we were busy in Hacking.
When you were talking on mobile, actually we were busy in Hacking.AND When you were sleeping, actually we were playing, partying,traveling, hanging out with friends…Our imagination is beyond your reality and When you were reading an article about Hacking on newspaper, you were actually reading what we did yesterday night.

We Are Hackers
Plz show some respect to these Nerd, Dork, Geek, Unsocial, Unfriendly, Vodai, B0kc, 0d kids….You don’t even think about what they can do or what they can’t…..Atleast they are worth for a sweet sound of ‘Hi’ from your mouth for their Forever Alone Life……Whoever call us what,we really don’t care coz actually we are HACKERS……..we are the next generation FREEDOM FIGHTERS !


Empty pockets teach us in million ways

How can I take food from luxury hotels or restaurants when millions of people don’t have anything to eat even for single time a day ?
How can I spend money for movies & parties when millions of people are working hard to feed their children at least for one time ?
How can I cry for an iphone when a mobile is still only a dream for many ?
How can I go for a picnic when millions are trying hard to survive ?

Of course we youth are concerned only about our lives.. We are not seeing others sufferings… We are not hearing others cries… But we must know, money will spoil us in million ways.. and empty pockets teach us in million ways..

Waiting for food....

# We can’t say we are happy when billions of people don’t know what happiness is. So act before its too late.. Live simply, love sincerely… Help others without expecting anything in return… Atlast before you die, you can say “I have lived my life and I loved it…

Go to hell

I don’t believe in proving a point to anyone as I think no one in this whole world is more important than my own satisfaction and if someone wants any of my habits to get changed that person could go to hell.

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions…Small people always do that,but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.”-Mark-Twain

Sweet lies

Life has never promised you anything….Nor has God…But people did……
Some said dey wil never leave u….Lie..
Some said they wil luv u till death…Lie..
Some said u r the most precious one…Lie..
Life is made of such sweet lies…
All dat matters is how u faced the tym u finally realized those were just lies…
We may ask “wudn’t life be much better
without these lies?”
But in truth, the times u lived on those big lies were the only times u lived….


sun rises, sun sets,
spring, summer, autumn, winter
alone on my path.
change of the seasons
happiness turns to sadness
love lost in the winds.

January:A memory

Thank you january for all wonderful,beautiful moments those are really moemorable in all my life.and i’m sorry again for the all bad things i have done.i don’t want to recall all the things.just forget it!!,thats the way.

Do you guys are well organized?,I’ve got the same problems. I gotta get organized. Oh little things, like my study. I should get one of those signs that says ‘One of these days I’m gonna get organizized.’

The days can go on with regularity over and over, one day indistinguishable from the next. A long continuous chain. Then suddenly, there is a change?.i want a change, i mean need a change in my life,its terrible to stay without doing my little advice is GET BUSY!!,when you busy i think probably you got well sleep at night.

I’m Sarath, from home, saying good night.

Sem result

Thank god ..5th sem didnt betray.hoping other fellas are fine.;-),and i turn it into my pingpong room.anyway i need a sleep ,but i still sit in front of my computer.Hyperactivity !.

Survival rule#1:Enjoy Little Things.