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jonathan livingston seagull

If one’s legs are haltered with chains, it never stops your dreams

even the small sapling breaks into the earth, slowly

those, whose hearts have budding intents

they listen to their hearts, never fearing.

Where are those bars that can stop morning rays (there are none)

where are such eyes that to guard thoughts

It’s only until they open their wings, birds will touch the sky

freedoms, freedoms

are never won by asking for them.

freedoms, freedoms

those who snatch (their freedom), live

Is it the end of the story or a new beginning

Is it a new morning or night about to fall

Will time that comes gives us space to enjoy

Or shall we be getting dilemmas (tensions, troubles)

Who knows….



If a river has a wish (to flow) somewhere,
Sea is not far away
If gold has the wish to shine,
Then even getting burnt is acceptable.
Till when will a flight be captured (not that of a plane, but of a human being here)
Don’t stop it, let it go.
A flight only will give life to dreams,
Connect it to (your) dreams..
Let’s say goodbye to all old reasons and customs from now itself,
Let’s water the new garden with the styles of changing times.

the beautiful vista which was on my eyes

the beautiful vista which was on my eyes
has blown away like vapour
i was sat below the shadows of dreams
leaving those (dreams), don’t know where i am going
is the story has ended or about to begin
is this a new morning or the dusk is about to happen
the coming time will bring misfortune
or do i meet the two paths
don’t know, don’t know.


What the hack

Being a hacker/a security enthusiasts is completely different from your normal college work you claim to do. I have seen college people doing their project work in Java, and the same people who claim that they are the engineer experts, and yet fail at describing what actually an IDE has to do with a custom strip software with a CLI. Enter, hackers, they are programmers, as well as the security exploiters, and at the same time it’s fixers. They never need to get approved, people who need to get approved with a certification are those people who know they don’t have the skill and has to get forcebly trained with campus spoon feeding, which sucks, because the professors are themselves dumb. I have seen many lecturers use SSL as = Secured Shell Layer?.. technically, it’s globally Secured Socket Layer not “shell”, so you see, you don’t have the concept and you expect certifications, and yet, people know, who is what. and again, don’t confuse hackers with your average dumb college going people, hacking is more than that, it’s survival trait.

HOW TO PASS Bharathiar University EXAMS

Hi friends,Howz u all?

So today i am telling you the tricks of passing BU(Bharathiar University) EXAMS…I know this article is not related to Hacking…..but somehow passing BU exam is also a hacking…;)

First of all,if u are a newbie(1st sem) in BU, then these tips really works for you. and dese  tips are only for average students, i mean to score only 30 to 35 marks out of 75… IF U WANNA SCORE GOOD MARKS,THEN THESE TIPS MIGHT NOT WORKS….YOU HAVE TO WORK SMART(not hard) FOR SCORING GOOD MARKS……

Now,lets come to the point…
RULE #1:-  Don’t be a hero: avoid over confidence, and shortcut methods (exactly, avoid paper bits: it make you FUD-Fear,Uncertitnty-Doubt).
RULE #2:-  Fill atleast 30 sheets out of 32.
RULE #3:-  Make sure your first 3-4 and last 3-4 lines of each answer are correct AND In the center,u write anything dat u want.
TIP-1:if you can’t create your own answers in examination, then exam is not for you.
TIP-2:In B-U Exams, if you don’t know about the Tree, just tie the Goat with the Tree and explain about the Goat. 😉#proved-and-checked.
TIP-3:keep constent space between lines.
RULE #4:-  Underline headings of d question using pencil.
RULE #5:-  Use pencil or sketch to underline main points of d answer.(dont use RED/GREEN sketch)
RULE #6:-  Make a box around every important equation with pencil.
RULE #7:-  First attempt that questions you have knowledge about.
RULE #8:-  Draw Diagrams wherever possible.
RULE #9:-  VIVA:During viva if you can’t convience them, confuse them.#use-your-brain
RULE #10:- Be A Hero:If u follow dese  RULES, then am quite sure that you will get atleast 30 marks.
Last one is LUCK(its very important)…….IT REALLY MATTERS IN BU…..SO,PRAY TO GOD DAILY…

5 Units, 1 Book, Some Notes, and One Night Study = Passing Marks in Exam. 😀 😉
#issued in student’s interest by Sarath Kumar.
#ask questions,get answers.
#Read and share.
#best of luck.

It Was One of Those Fine October Days

Poems for October/
It Was One of Those Fine October Days
By Richard Greene

It was one of those fine October days
free from summer’s heat and haze
but not yet gripped by autumn chill.

It was one of those fine October days
when the sky’s so clear you can see the moon
through the atmosphere at midday.

It was one of those fine October days
when the trees sport yellow and red
instead of everyday summer green.

It was one of those fine October days
when one draws a deep breath
and is grateful to be resident on Earth.

Switch to KDE

When i use ubuntu linux with gnome desktop environment, i felt very uncomfortable with gnome windows and dialog boxes .especially the open and save dialogs . its little nut while navigating throuhg. so i looking a kde desktop linux distro since the last year, and find many distro like suse mandriva etc. but the dual booting with my windows xp and its harddisk partition with GB’s of my movie collection will not comfortable with it.
thats why stick with ubuntu8. but unfortunately one of my super hacker friend suggest me the kde variant of ubuntu linux ‘ Kubuntu’, names good na. and i got Kubuntu8 iso. so lets do with KDE. ubuntu’s windows compatable installer wubi also allow install Kubuntu inside windows partition. but i first tried on VirtualBox. Yhea works good.

Nice window style,buttons theme, glassy and good finish. feel like old apple mac. and the best thing is working with GCC, to compiling a C program . i tried this many times in ubuntu. but its tell unable to execute. but now with Kubuntu GCC and GC++ works great!!!

The Adventures of Barfi!

Barfi , well its a movie which I had been waiting for long. is the first movie that i watch(19 sept 2012) in the first week after releasing(14 sep 2012).

The Adventures of ‘Barfi!’ are extremely enjoyable & heartfelt. Anurag Basu- the director has done extraordinary work in terms of narrating the story. flashback and a flashback within a flashback to narrate a simple story in its most impactful form without creating confusions to audience..Basu’s Screenplay is a terrific mix of romance, slap-stick comedy & suspense. Cinematography is outstanding.The movie is a visual poetry. Every frame is such beautiful.Editing is sharp. Music by Pritam is brilliant. Amongst the musician’s best soundtracks to date.Best thing is the story does not stop when the songs happen. The songs just help enrich the moment on-screen.

When I’ve seen the trailer of this movie first, I thought it would be some petty copy of some of the works by the maestro charlie chaplin. But this movie proved me wrong, yes many comedy sequences are copied from chaplin movies but it is much more than just comedy it’s about how the two rather silent character (Barfi/murphy and Jhilmil) became so loud in their love. And the third character and the narrator (Shruti) also created ample space for her.This movie is a real tribute to Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin.

Barfi ! Essentially is a chapter of life which has numerable good moments to recall, laugh and to love with. Every character is well placed without being dramatic with excellent music.

It speaks though its silent. Barfi is effortless , it flows smoothly from overtur to crescendo. The comedy is so subtle and full of sweet subterfuges. Its an epitome of innocence.

Despite the destiny of characters what audience recalls some beautiful moments, cheer, laughs, true love and sacrifice. Each and every prank on screen gives you a bucketful humor and feel good factor whether it’s Barfi-cop chase or Barfi’s effort to impress Jhilmil and Shruti throughout the movie.

Ranbir is amazing. Gets every expression just right. Whether his happy face, the ridiculous expressions he uses to make others laugh, his angry ‘speech’, or his bewildered look when things go wrong, as they have a tendency to do with him.

  • Love needs expressions not language, it requires feelings no boundaries, it’s beyond oceans beyond limits- Free and Beautiful but only few know how to live it
  • . Barfi as its name is sweet, full of aroma, delicious and tasty. This in true sense expresses love without any language, caste, creed or color –Selfless with heart; an impeccable cinema worth watching with your beloved, friends and family.

    To sum it up, Barfi is an emotionally stirring yet joyous ride that will make you fall in love with love and life. It is a cinematic tour-de-force one shouldn’t miss, as Barfi! celebrates life. A must watch for one and all!


    Brida is a novel by Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. It is the story of a beautiful young Irish girl and her quest for knowledge. On her journey she meets a wise man who teaches her to overcome fear and a woman who teaches her how to dance to the hidden music of the world. They see in her a gift, but must let her make her own voyage of discovery. As Brida seeks her destiny, she struggles to find a balance between her relationships and her desire to transform herself. The story is neatly woven around the ancient belief of witchcraft and related to the present world in an interesting way.

    Rename the Windows XP start menu button

    This post will show you how to rename the Windows XP start menu button
    Are you bored of having the name “start”? If so now you can rename your start menu button to give the name of your choice.


    1. Launch My Computer, click tools, folder options, then view

    2. Select show all hidden files and folders option and uncheck the option hide protected operating system files, unckeck hide extention for known file types

    3. Goto C:\windows\system32\restore, select the file filelist.xml, right click it go to properties and uncheck the option read-only

    4. Open it (filelist.xml) with notepad

    5. Add the line %systemroot%\explorer.exe as shown below

    6. Save the file

    7. Goto C:\windows\system32\dllcache, you will find a backup copy of explorer.exe. Rename it to explorer.bak.


    1. Using any resource editor, open the file explorer.exe located at C:\windows.

    2. Expand string, expand 37, click on 1033

    3. On right side rename “start” to anything you want. For ex. “yourname” and press “compile script”

    4. Repeat the same procedure for string 38, 1033

    5. Save changes in file menu (if error occurs close explorer.exe and repeat sub-step 3 and 4)

    6. Restart your computer. After restart you can see the changes. Enjoy!

    You can also edit the tool tip ‘Click her to begin’ by Expand string 37,click 1033,edit 533 String .(eg:Click myname to begin :P).
    Note:before you click compile the script make sure to kill explorer.exe process.using TaskManager(Ctrl+Alt+Del).